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Hello! I'm Devansh Desai and I am a 4th year undergraduate computer science student at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm also a passionate, driven software engineer who enjoys working in all areas of the field and solving challenging, complex problems.


This is my education and work experience timeline. All of my past work is explained here.

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  • Amazon.com

    Software Development Engineer Intern

    Seattle, WA

    • Worked on the Search team and created and implemented a system to stream, store, and search through 150 TB of weekly logs associated with all of the search queries on Amazon.com
    • Cut down on-call debugging time searching through logs from hours to minutes
    • Using AWS tools such as Kinesis, S3, Lambda, and Elasticsearch Service, the system was horizontally scalable, allowing for more logs to be streamed and stored, seamlessly, with little maintenance required
  • Advanced Data Management Technologies Laboratory

    Undergraduate Researcher

    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Implemented a self-guided campus tour web application for the University of Pittsburgh using Bluetooth beacons
    • Created the application to guide prospective students through campus with a campus tour using the beacons  while current students can get information such as availability of computer labs, laundry machines, and classrooms in the buildings
  • FTI Consulting

    Software Engineering Intern

    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Implemented an administration dashboard and accessibility features within Ringtail 8, FTI Technology's e-discovery platform
    • Developed features across the stack on an agile team in SQL Server, middle-tier C#, and in the front-end Ext JS MVC framework
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

    Web Development Intern

    Bethlehem, PA

    • Recreated an intranet for 150+ customer service representatives to quickly and intuitively access customer data, procedures, and guidelines while on the phone with customers
    • Used HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and SQL Server
  • University of Pittsburgh Technology Services

    Student Technical Consultant

    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Worked in the Computing Services & Systems Development (CSSD) department
    • Helped students and professors in software related issues with their computers.
    • Split between helping at the University Bookstore and on-location in students' rooms
  • University of Pittsburgh


    I currently attend the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. I study computer science and intern as a software engineer during my summers.

    I hold a 3.74/4.00 GPA and a 3.88/4.00 CS GPA. I have also made the Dean's List in all of my semseters at the university.

  • Parkland High School


    I attended Parkland High School in Allentown, PA where I graduated with a 4.56/5.00 GPA and was part of the top 3% of my class.


These are some of the projects I have worked on in the past.


ReddiTray is a desktop tray application that notifies you when you have unread Reddit messages and allows you to read your messages and mark them as read. It is a complete, stand-alone solution for Reddit messages without the need of the traditional web browser.

ReddiTray is built on GitHub Electron and Node.js. It also uses Vue.js, the Reddit API, Snoocore, and Marked.js.

Click the below button to view screenshots of ReddiTray.

The Dhirana 2016 Logo

Dhirana Website

Dhirana is a University of Pittsburgh non-profit organization that raises funds for the Birmingham Free Clinic. It brings in $10,000+ each year through hosting a national Indian classical dance competition where 8 teams from all over the United States compete for 1st place.

I served as the Design Chair for the organization for two year and I made the website, logos, numerous flyers, and over 10+ promotional videos for Dhirana 2015 and 2016.

Screenshot of Phone Snake game made by Devansh Desai

Phone Snake

Phone Snake is a game I created to explore the HTML canvas. I wanted to do something like snake but with a twist. The objective is to successfully enter your phone number. There are three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard.

Even I haven't beat the game on hard, click the link below and see if you can!

Image of Kobuki Robot

Kobuki Robot

I worked on a Kobuki Robot in a project-only robotics class during the fall of my 2nd year. I worked on 5 complex, in-depth projects over the course of the semester.

Click below to read more about the specific projects.

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Two Windsor Plaza logo from Allentown, PA

Two Windsor Plaza Website

Two Windsor Plaza is an office building in Allentown, PA. I created this website using the Bootstrap framework for the business in order to promote and augment their brand while increasing visibility.

Allenwood Motel logo from Allentown, PA

Allenwood Motel Website

I made this website for Allenwood Motel, a client in Allentown, PA. This was my first client as a freelance web developer. I used the Bootstrap framework to make the website fully-reponsive and mobile-ready.

Screenshot of Etch-A-Sketch game made by Devansh Desai


Etch A Sketch is a recreation of the popular children's toy. I created the game to complete a JavaScript challenge I found online. There are a few more features than the original Etch-A-Sketch like colored lines, detailed lines, and changing the resolution.